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Music to power-up your inner geek



Music Producer SHOCKED by Bloodborne Soundtrack (Gehrman, Maria)
Music Producer ENTRANCED by Valheim Soundtrack (Meadows)
Lionmight - Channel Trailer 2024
I Risked Everything by Rebranding (4 Lessons I Learned)
Music Producer SHOCKED by Final Fantasy XIV Soundtrack
Music Producer SHOCKED by Silly Billy (Friday Night Funkin' Mod)
"Elden Ring Didn't Need to Go THIS Far" โ€“ Violinist Reviews Game Violinists
Music Producer REACTS to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Soundtrack


After falling in love with the music of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, eleven-year-old Diwa de Leon's video game music journey took root. Fast forward to many years later, and hundreds of video games beaten and immersed in, Diwa, now a professional musician who goes by the name String Player Gamer aims to amplify his childhood nerd nostalgia into high quality, musical productions for everyone to enjoy. Full bio.

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